Finnair Plus and co-branding

Here you can find the guidelines to using the Finnair Plus logo in partner collaborations. We manage the use of our logo and brand elements carefully and our joint campaigns stay true to the Finnair brand. This means that although the partnership may be deep, the brand visual identities stay separate – no mixing and matching is allowed.


It is important to us that our customers always understand the nature of your brand’s relationship with Finnair Plus. A rule of thumb applies here: The creator of the asset or communication is the master brand, and the visual execution follows the master brand's style. The type of our partnership determines when and how you can use the Finnair Plus brand in your communication.

1. Partner in a Finnair Plus environment

The partner brand is presented in a Finnair Plus branded creative asset. All campaign visuals and tone-of-voice are created according to Finnair’s brand guidelines, while the content communicates the benefits of the partnership. Finnair is responsible of the final look and feel of the creatives.


2. Finnair Plus in a partner environment

The communication is created in partner brand’s style: Partner may include the provided Finnair Plus partnership badge and Finnair branded images in their own communication and customer touchpoints. The final artwork should always be approved by your Finnair Plus contact.

For all our Finnair Plus partners’ use, we provide a set of pre-selected Finnair branded images and a pre-designed Finnair Plus partner badge as a sign of our partnership. Please note that the use of Finnair Plus logo outside the pre-designed badge is reserved for key partnerships only.


Provided assets for Finnair Plus communication in partner environments

We provide a set of Finnair branded images for partner use. The images may be used in partner's own channels and social media, but not in any paid advertising by the partner.

Download the provided images from Finnair Gallery.


Finnair imagery approved for partner use


Finnair Plus official partner badge

Using the Finnair Plus partnership badge

Our partnership badge includes our Finnair Plus logo and elements of our brand visual identity, such as the Finnair Blue and Finnair Sans font type. The badge is a strong statement that links your brand with the Finnair brand. It may only be used by our Finnair plus point partners on their platforms, both physical and digital.

Before downloading the badge for use in your communication, read through the below instructions of its use carefully.

Quick checklist

The Finnair Plus badge is the primary way to include the Finnair Plus partnership in your own communication. It comes in one colour and design with several message and language options: Choose the one appropriate for you.

  • Keep the badge intact. Do not alter the badge or it’s components in any way.
  • Whenever you use the badge with your own logo, scale it so both your logo and the Finnair Plus logo inside the badge are the same height. Always scale the Finnair Plus badge as a whole.
  • Leave enough clear space around the badge: Measure the clear space using two widths of the F-letter in the Finnair logo.
Badge design
Clear space and minimum size

The recommended clear space should never be reduced but can be increased if your brand guidelines require. 


Badge minimum clear space


Badge minimum size

Badge relation to partner logo

Whenever you use the badge with your own logo, scale it so both your logo and the Finnair Plus logo inside the badge are the same height. Always scale the Finnair Plus badge as a whole.

Prohibited use of Finnair Plus badge

Always use master artwork to reproduce the Badge. Do not type or shape the Badge yourself.


Do not change the dimensions of the Badge. Do not tilt the Badge.


Do not create new colour versions.

Examples of online use

In digital ads, you can use the Finnair Plus badge side-by-side with your brand’s logo or place it freely on the ad’s content area.


Partner brand and the Finnair Plus badge sign off the ad.


Partner logo signs off the ad. The badge can be freely placed on the content area.

On your website, you can use the Finnair Plus badge side-by-side with your brand’s logo on the header area or place it freely on your website’s content area.


Finnair Plus badge is placed besides the logo in the partner website header area.


Finnair Plus badge is placed on the content area inside partner website.

3. Key partnerships

Finnair Plus key partnerships are strategic, long-term brand partnerships.

Guidelines for using the Finnair Plus logo

You can use the blue Finnair Plus logo on a white background. We encourage its use as it is the most recognizable version of our logo. Do not use the blue logo on top of a coloured background or directly on an image.

For coloured or image backgrounds, white and black versions of the logo are available.

The minimum logo size is 20mm or 64mm pixels. The logo size is pre-defined to ensure the visibility of the whole logo.


Finnair Plus logo available colour variations


The minimum size is 20mm or 64 pixels. It is defined to ensure the visibility of the combination.

Clear space

Minimum clear space area between the logos is three F-letters. It can be increased according to your logo guidelines, but never decreased. Do not add any symbols or lockup marks between the logos.


Minimum clear space area between the logos is two f-letters.


Do not add any symbols or lockup marks marks between the logos.

Logo size

Partner’s logo should always be larger than the Finnair Plus logo. Finnair Plus logo should be the height of the master brand logo. See the example below.


Scale the Finnair Plus logo to the height of the master brand.


Do not scale Finnair Plus logo same size as master brand logo.

Colour versions

Use white logo on top of images or colourful backgrounds.


Do not place Finnair Plus logo on top of an image.

Protected Finnair brand elements

The use of our key brand elements presented below is protected: They may only be used in a creative asset or campaign created by Finnair.


All brand elements are restricted to Finnair use only

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