Discover how our new imagery guidelines use light, space and optimism to convey the feeling of a smooth and relaxing journey, inviting customers to experience the wonder of travel with Finnair. All art direction and photography reflects our optimistic, curious approach and high standards of quality.

Photography guidelines

Natural light

We strive for a natural look in our imagery and avoid artificially enhanced situations. Natural light and shadow play an important role in creating inspiring brand imagery. The overall feeling in our imagery needs to reflect our optimistic approach to life.


Every Finnair image is a brand image and should reflect our high standards of quality both artistically and technically. Our imagery captures and depicts moments of wonder, staying away from the mundane. Our images are carefully crafted down to the last detail. Deliberate choices in lighting, angles, composition and post-processing create a unified brand look and feel. We strive for simplicity and avoid unnecessary decoration to convey timeless Nordic quality branding.


Our growing digital world means that less and less mediums are static. The visual worlds we create should be designed with the possibility for movement. The motion should be ambient and smooth. Aim for short clips that are easily looped with minimal effort. Avoid erratic camera movements or other heavy motion that grabs too much attention. 

Distances & depth

We use images as narratives to illustrate the depth of the whole Finnair experience. Therefore our images should approach subjects from different distances, from wide to close-up.


1. Setting the scene
2. Inspirational
3. Experience
4. Personal / Detail


We use depth of field to create a natural feeling in our imagery.


The perspective of an image is a conscious choice. A functional perspective conveys clarity and functionality. To underline our human approach and highlight the feeling in our images, we also use emotional and personal perspectives in our images.

Functional perspective
Emotional & personal perspective
Functional perspective
Emotional & personal perspective
Functional perspective
Emotional & personal perspective
Functional perspective
Emotional & personal perspective

Checklist for creating new images

Is it...


  • Does the image evoke a feeling of ease and effortless flow?
  • Does it concentrate on the essential and reduce the unnecessary?
  • Is it stunningly simple? 

Timeless quality

  • Does the image fit our iconic nordic design heritage?
  • Does it exist beyond trends?
  • Is it genuine and relevant?
  • Is it up to our quality standards?


  • Does the image have a positive outlook on life?
  • Does it provide a current point of view?
  • Does it inspire a delightful experience?


  • Does the image take a human perspective?
  • Does it portray a better experience?
  • Is it easily approachable?
  • Does it look trustworthy?
  • Does it evoke positive emotions?
  • Does it reflect the diversity of the world?


  • Are the materials shown in images from sustainable origin?
  • Are situations, services and things portrayed in the images socially, economically and environmentally responsible and in line with Finnair’ standards?

Image categories

Our people

Flight crew


Product & services


Digital services

Brand inspiration


Our people

Our flight crew

Our flight crews are the embodiment of our brand and a personification of the wonders of travel. Inspired by our heritage, we portray our crews with a touch of glamour and wonder, on the move and in dynamic moments. Styling is always formal but relaxed.

Art direction - Our flight crew

Sculptural and dynamic forms in static images create a feeling of quality, functionality and motion.

Natural light and shadow provide added contrast and energy to the images.

Surroundings with architectural and aircraft elements give dynamic aesthetics to the images.

Styling & Casting - flight crew

Styling, make-up & hair

  • Finnair’s own work attire with extra accessories selected by a stylist.
  • Sophisticated but classic and effortless look.
  • Fresh, healthy and natural. Avoid any artificial enhancements.
  • For a detailed up-to-date guideline, refer to the Finnair Crew Lookbook.


  • Finnair cabin crew and pilots.
  • Diverse in age, gender and race.


The imagery with Finnair personnel will be presented in a more contemporary and relaxed way. We will capture the content in natural style, documenting the authenticity of our people. We aim to showcase our people at their best.

Art direction - Personnel

Focus on the person. The environment in the background should give context to the image, but not steal too much attention. 

  • Use shallow depth of field to help the main subject stand out.
  • Always try to find compositions that result in a calm image, even when shooting in busy environments.
  • Aim to capture natural expressions and avoid poses that look staged. We want to showcase our people in a relaxed and easy-going fashion, and with a professional outlook.
  • Images should be shot in natural and ambient light or to be lit with soft flashes. No direct, hard flashlights.
  • Styling should take into account some basic needs for a good image. Avoid strong patterns and full black or white clothing. Use Finnair’s own work attire when it’s applicable.
  • The images are primarily coloured, but occasional and careful use of black and white images is also permitted.


Our fleet is showcased in a way that evokes wonder and a feeling of perfect functionality. We pay attention to the tiniest details and remind people about the technical marvels in our modern aircrafts. Airbus A350 is the crown jewel of our fleet. It is the main aircraft model used when showcasing our fleet.

Products & services

We use people-led imagery that feels positive and natural to showcase our wide range of products and services. Creative photography captures every wonderful detail of the Finnair experience, from inflight to on land, travel products and digital services.


The Finnair look and feel is experienced strongly and consistently in our spaces, giving our customers a little piece of the Nordics every time they fly with us.

Digital services

Finnair’s digital services are showcased in a way that prioritises bright, high-quality screen content over the device itself. When using studio photography, devices are always presented against tonal stone backdrops.

Brand inspiration

Evoking wonders is at the core of the Finnair brand, and we seek to inspire with each image. We have a positive outlook on life and showcase the world full of wonders and possibilities. We strive to improve, develop and create new innovations for the future. We lead and reshape the industry by inspiring modern travellers.

Art direction

Editorial and iconic quality.

Find the mental and visual space in the picture

Look at the world through the eyes of a curious modern traveller.


Casting tips:

  • Diverse in age, gender and race.
  • Human and approachable people with photogenic and charismatic qualities.


Immediately recognisable destinations shot from interesting angles and layers is the top priority. Images should approach subjects from different distances, from wide to close-up, and shouldn’t include people.

Finnair grade

Range of imagery

Finnair imagery consists of many different subjects, photographed in a wide variety of environments. This needs to be taken into account in postproduction. Images cannot be graded with the exact same settings. Keeping this in mind, we still need a coherent colour grade across the full range of our imagery. To achieve that, we have collected a baseline guidance that should be followed in the postproduction of all Finnair images.

Main objectives

To achieve a cohesive and recognisable grade, we have set some baseline points for you to follow while post processing Finnair images:

  • We want to showcase the world in an authentic way and not artificially enhance our imagery too much. Aim for an overall bright and crisp look. Lift up mid-tones on images with dominant dark areas and make use of contrast that is clear but not excessive
  • Emphasise blue hues in the highlights and neutralise excess yellow tones. Slightly desaturate shadows to balance out the image and limit overall look from getting overly cold and blue.
  • Skin should be treated to a healthy, but authentic look. It should respect the lighting situation of the environment and not be artificially highlighted or shaded.
  • Align sky and water tones to the defined tone ranges. Contents of the image, such as cloud or wave shapes should not be heavily modified during post production.
Use contrast that is clear but not excessive.
Neutralise excess yellow tones in the images.
Skin looks authentic and respects environmental lighting situation.
Elements, such as cloud or wave shapes should be kept natural.

Key colour tones

Tones of green play a key role. Image warmth and yellow tones should be toned down. City buildings should be depicted in earthy tones. We must allow image tonality to vary depending on the location we are in.

Sky tonality

Shooting location and weather should be taken into consideration when adjusting the tonality of sky. Cloud shapes should be respected and not to be heavily modified in post-production. For a baseline reference, use the tonal range shown below.

Reference range for the hue values.
Brightness of the tones can vary within each image.

Water tonality

Sky and the surrounding environment should be taken into consideration when adjusting the tonality of water. Contents of the image, such as wave shapes, should also be respected and not be heavily modified during post-production. For a baseline reference, use the tonal range shown below.

Reference range for the hue values.
Brightness of the tones can vary within each image.

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