Marketing communications

At Finnair, our voice doesn't change – our communication is friendly, simple and effective. When creating marketing assets, the visuals and tonality should always reflect our core brand identity, creating a unified brand wherever we meet our customers. 

Creating Finnair's marketing communications always requires the involvement of our brand team or a trusted partner. Please turn to the Finnair brand team for detailed marketing communications guidelines. 

How to make it distinctively Finnair

The Finnair marketing communications reflect the spirit and aesthetics of a Nordic, modern airline. 

Our branded elements like the Finnair logo, the F emblem, Finnair Sans typography, Finnair colour palette, and the refined Finnair imagery help you create a recognisable look and feel. Add the finishing touch by pairing the visualisation with a human-to-human copy.

Product marketing examples

Ongoing tactical marketing examples

Tactical campaign examples