Designed to elevate any Finnair experience, these sonic branding principles have been crafted with our Nordic heritage in mind. The modern Finnair soundscape has been defined as part of the holistic design of our brand. It’s what we sound like.

Using sound, we can create a unique brand experience wherever our customer meets us. To establish a solid foundation for our sonic branding, we’ve created Finnair Journey, to be used for various inflight, customer service, brand and marketing touchpoints. Here you can find guidelines for creating and choosing music or soundscapes for Finnair.


Our soundscape is inspired by the key attributes that have helped build the Finnair Brand, a modern Nordic airline. Instrumentation, arrangements, and compositions are guided by these elements.

Modern Nordic

Timeless quality



Like a flight from takeoff to landing, our soundscape recreates the iconic phases of that journey from a dramatized perspective. With this approach, we offer a multitude of moods for the many purposes and touchpoints with our soundscape.


Soundscape Finnair Journey

How it works

Finnair Journey can be used in any content, channel or environment where you want to create a unique, recognizable Finnair experience.  The cutdowns of the main audio serve as individual musical pieces for each experience.


Audio examples

The examples represent different parts of Finnair Journey, creating together a holistic soundscape. Finnair Journey brand level supports spatial experiences like onboarding or events. Marketing and Communications level  is used in product and tactical touchpoints.

Listen to the audio below.

Rectangle 143

Finnair Journey: Brand level (coming soon)

Finnair Journey: Maketing and Communications level

Sonic logo

To use our signature sound consistently, ensure that the visual Finnair logo aligns with the three melodic chords of our sonic logo. Make sure the visual logo is synced with the last chord and adjust the tempo so the cut to the sonic logo is seamless and unnoticeable.


Aligning the sonic logo

Listen and see a simple example of how you should align our sonic and visual logos.


Simply fitting together, all of our music has been created with our brand attributes in mind. In this example, the sonic logo with three chords is combined with a piece from Finnair Journey Marketing and Communications level.

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