oneworld visual guidelines

Finnair is part of oneworld Alliance network and therefore oneworld logo must always show on the side of Finnair logo.
Here’s a brief introduction to using and placing logos in marketing materials, ground materials and videos.

Marketing communication

In Finnair marketing materials oneworld logo is placed to the left of Finnair logo in the bottom (footer) part of the layout. For more information, please see Composition, oneworld logo guidance.

Print communication

Print communication


Social media post


Finnair logo and oneworld logo appear together in closing view of the video.  Finnair logo is placed on top of oneworld logo. The same rule applies to 16:9 format, vertical and square videos. For application details, please see video guidelines.

16:9 format video

Vertical format video

Square format video

Ground materials

On ground materials, the oneworld logo can be seen everywhere Finnair logo is seen, from digital screens to signage and branded rollups. Further guidelines will be released shortly.