Seamless travel captured in smart design. Our recognisable composition guides ensure important information is always clearly presented. Grids simplify across both physical and digital, while placement rules ensure ease of communication. Find out how.

The blue line in the composition reflects seamless travel. The framing concept was conceived by placing artboards on the blue line and ‘zooming in and out’ of the journey’. To create a seamless experience, the image content on most of the executions spread through the artboard, all the way from right to left.

The framing concept


Finnair grid

Our grid system is simple to follow and it helps set margins and content in place. The basic grid is based on a 9-row system for horizontal layouts and on a 12-row system for vertical layouts.

F-emblem works as a base unit. All logos are placed either in the top or bottom area of the artboard. Adjust columns and gutter spaces inside the margins according to your content.


If your composition is extra wide or narrow, you may need to create more rows in order to keep the header and footer areas in proportion.


There is an additional grid for 16:9 formats. Use the grid as a guide for setting content in place.


Emblem guidance

Ensure the visibility of the emblem and maintain a coherent brand style by following these guidelines:

1. Placing emblem on white header

  • Standard use case
  • Always use emblem on white header on image collage pages
  • In cases when the background image is busy, it’s safe to place the emblem on white header
  • Onepagers: Always use emblem on white header
  • Emblem alignment: middle, center

Multiple images on page


Busy image backgrounds






2. Placing emblem on top of image

  • Use only available ready-made assets and master templates. Do not attempt to create this combination independently.
  • Emblem color is blue or white depending on the background image lightness and darkness.
  • Emblem alignment: middle, center

Dark background – white emblem


Light background – blue emblem


oneworld logo guidance

Here are the basic principles to be followed when using the oneworld logo. For more information, please see the oneworld guidelines at the Finnair Gallery.

Finnair logo relationship to oneworld logo

The communications relationship

The communications relationship should be used in advertising, collateral, travel documents and online. The oneworld logo may sit left or right of the airline logo, depending on the layout. In communications, the oneworld logo is 167% of the height of the Finnair logo. 

The signage relationship

The signage relationship should be used in kerbside signs, ticket sales, totems, monitors, queue signs, FIDS, lounges, connection signs and baggage services as well as at the checkin desk, self-service check-in kiosk, transfer desk and customer service desk. In signage, the oneworld logo is 143% of the height of the Finnair logo. 


The communications relationship


The signage relationship


The minimum size is 8 mm or 35 pixels. It is defined to ensure the visibility of the logo.


The safety area around the oneworld logo is equal to 0.5x height of the logo. Do not place any elements within the safety area.

Use of logos

Lock to line

Finnair logo and oneworld logo are centered vertically and appear on the opposite sides of the artboard.



Horizontal layout

There are several image frame variants to the horizontal layout. Choose a layout that fits your content best. All images are seamlessly attached to each other without a white border or space in between. When creating layouts in-house, use only one image per slide for a professional and consistent look. Image collages are available only in master templates.

Composition models


Presentation template examples


Vertical layout

There are several image frame variants to the vertical layout. Choose a layout that fits your content best. All images are seamlessly attached to each other without a white border or space in between. For in-house design purposes it is recommended to use a single image poster format.

Composition models


Onepager examples

These onepager designs are examples (not final design), based on vertical layout model.


OOH examples

In out-of-home print or out-of-home digital print executions the Finnair logo and the oneworld generally appear with the F emblem. When good logo visibility must be ensured, place Finnair logo and the oneworld logo on the top row, and leave out the emblem.


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