Finnair and co-branding

Finnair has a strict set of guidelines for co-branding. This way we ensure a consistent identity and tone of voice is achieved, wherever we are. All Finnair co-branded campaigns and strategic brand partnerships are done on a case-by-case basis and will be closely managed by our Brand team. Regardless of the partnership, the brand visual identities must stay entirely separate – meaning absolutely no dilution of the Finnair brand, logo or brand elements.


The type of our partnership determines when and how you can use the Finnair brand. The use of our logo in connection to another brand's logo is reserved only to assets created by Finnair in commercial collaborations and to our strategic, long-term brand partnerships.

1. Commercial collaboration: Partner in a Finnair campaign

The partner brand is presented in a Finnair branded creative asset. All campaign visuals and tone-of-voice are created according to Finnair’s brand guidelines, while the content communicates the benefits of the partner or commercial collaboration. Finnair reserves the right to control the final look and feel of the creatives.

2. Reference: Finnair in a partner environment

The communication is created in partner brand’s style: Partner may include a Finnair image provided for partner use in communication in their own channels (excluding advertising and paid media).

Please notice that the Finnair logo and other Finnair brand identity elements are protected and may not be used in a partner artwork. Any mention of Finnair should be made in text format.

Provided assets for Finnair Plus and Avios communication in partner environments

We provide a set of Finnair branded images for partner use. The images may be used on the partner's own channels and social media, but not in any paid advertising by the partner.

Download the provided images from Finnair Gallery.


Finnair imagery approved for partner use

Finnair Plus and Avios official partner badge

Protected Finnair brand elements

The use of our key brand elements presented below is prohibited: They may only be used in a creative asset or campaign created by Finnair.

All brand elements are restricted to Finnair use only

Using the Finnair logo as reference

With written permission granted by Finnair, the Finnair logo may be used as a reference on partner website. Notice that the Finnair logo may never be part of the partner's advertising or used in connection to another logo, with the exception of our strategic brand partnerships. Always ensure that your contact at Finnair approves the logo usage.

3. Strategic brand partnerships: Joint Marketing

In our long-term brand partnerships marketing co-operation is possible: Campaigns where two brands create a marketing campaign that looks like neither of the brands’ identity. Finnair leads the creative execution in collaboration with the partner.

Iittala Finnair Kuulas tableware series joint campaign

Finnair Finavia Helsinki Airport The Runway joint campaign

Our current strategic brand partnerships