Tone of voice

You’re reading the new Finnair brand tone of voice. We are simple, modern and human. In this document you’ll find the full guidelines to help you communicate in our distinctive, aligned and instantly recognizable Finnair voice, across all environments and with all the people we meet.

Our expression

Our tone of voice aligns us to communicate a distinctive, shared and instantly recognisable Finnair. We want to create a coordinated experience across all communication: our audiences should feel that we are their partner, offering functional ease and timeless quality. A human approach with an optimistic outlook on life.


Making it clear

Finnair’s new tone of voice is more informal than it used to be. We want to be easy to understand, and as simple as possible. So, focus on using nouns and verbs. Use adjectives sparingly. Don’t use words like “equanimity” when words like “calm” will do.

But remember: being clear does not mean being boring, distant or rude. We want to be warm, playful and use human wording. This is a form of writing that comes naturally when you imagine explaining something difficult to your friend. So, be clear – but friendly.


Making it relevant

Whatever you are writing or saying should always lead somewhere and create real value.

When you’re talking with customers face-to-face, a little small-talk is desirable and polite. But when writing, keep it mainly relevant. This is important for two main reasons: to catch our reader's attention and to make sure our meaning is clear. If your writing is long-winded instead of short and sweet, you will only bore or confuse your reader.

Something to think about: An easy-to-read chart or graph can also do a better job of explaining a complex topic than text alone. Images, infographics or videos also help break up text, making your page easier to read.


Making it inspiring

We aim to inspire. This means the text you write should be light, easy, and when the situation presents itself, even entertaining. You want to engage, not bore. But remember, it’s always more important to be clear than entertaining.

Inspire with your writing. Be easily approachable. Write to the modern explorer.

About humour: We have a sense of humour, but being funny or making jokes is a tricky form of art. So, keep a light tone, but don’t go out of your way to make jokes or force any kind of humour. A joke gone wrong is worse than no joke at all. If unsure, keep the jokes to yourself and just smile politely.

Making it personal

People don’t read in groups. A simple truth. We are connecting with only one person at the time, so why not make it feel personal? Ideally, we want our site, or any other touchpoint we communicate in, to feel like a one-on-one conversation. Create real connection. Use you-focused language or if possible first names. Don’t talk or refer to “the customer”. Make it personal.

An active voice helps create reader-friendly sentences. It’s also more direct: saying “You can book flights on our website” is more engaging than saying “Flights can be booked on our website. And don’t be afraid to suggest and show emotion.

Checklist for tone of voice

Is it...

Making it clear

  • Let our affection to simplicity be seen; make yourself easy to understand.
  • Be efficient with your wording. Use short and crisp sentences, and simple paraphrasing. Less is more.
  • Don’t search for complicated or difficult words. Prefer everyday expressions.
  • Make sure that all interactions are simple and low-effort.

Making it relevant

  • Be helpful. Make sure to show Finnair's mindset: resolving problems and focusing on solutions.
  • Use standard language.
  • Have only one idea in each sentence, so messages are easily delivered.
  • Be consistent and make sure the text you are producing reflects our high standards of quality.

Making it inspiring

  • Let your tone be active and optimistic.
  • Speak and write with a warm, approachable voice. Be proud!
  • Let your energy, positivity and enthusiasm show. You are making a positive difference on our customer’s lives. Let it catch on.
  • Remember: everything you write tells something about Finnair.

Making it personal

  • Use a personal and emotional tone in your communications. Be warm. Bring in emotion, from joy and excitement to pride.
  • Show that we understand the customer’s needs and motives by communicating things from the customer’s point of view.
  • Find a functional angle to express complicated things in a more human way.
  • Try to understand the context and situation of the person you’re communicating with.

Examples of application


Instead of saying this

The Finnair fleet consists of over 80 aircraft, most of which are Airbuses. Our fleet is one the most modern in Europe, and thanks to it we produce less emissions and can offer you even better travel comfort on our flights. 

Because of our modern fleet, we produce less emissions. Because of our straight routes, we consume less fuel. Our Economy Class is comfortable and roomy.

Say this

With us you’ll fly one of the most modern fleets in Europe. It means less emissions. It means​ more personal space. It means better travel comfort on your next flight. Welcome on board Finnair.


Instead of saying this

We always aim to fly the shortest possible route and to reduce the weight taken on aircraft. For example, the lighter tableware we use aboard our aircraft has a direct impact on fuel consumption. Weight is therefore a criterion for any material coming aboard our aircraft.

Say this

There’s a deep human need to travel, to explore the world, to experience the new. It’s our job to make it happen responsibly. For example, the lighter tableware we carry on our aircrafts has a direct impact on fuel consumption. The lighter the aircraft, the smaller the fuel consumption. In aviation, even the smallest things can have a huge impact.


Example theme: Design in every detail​

Instead of saying this

Nordic heritage is important to us. We offer Nordic design experience to our customers on air. Your journey is guaranteed to be smooth and pleasurable as we always take design into consideration in everything we do.

Say this

Experience world-renowned Nordic design in the air. We take a design thinking approach to everything we do, to make sure that your journey is as pleasurable as can be. The Finnair experience is always seamless and it just works.


Instead of saying this

Finnair A350 takes your flying experience to new heights. Enjoy a more silent onboard experience, while the natural light flows into the spacious cabin from the large panoramic view windows. Just breathe in fresher air and enjoy higher cabin pressure, made possible by the advanced air conditioning, and be amazed by the latest LED lighting technology. Book your flights at

Say this

Less emissions, more comfort. The Finnair A350s boast a more spacious cabin, advanced air conditioning and 25% improved fuel efficiency compared to previous generation aircraft. Welcome onboard!


The company signature isn’t just a professional email sign-off, but so much more. It’s a valuable marketing space that shouldn’t be wasted. If you consider how many people work at Finnair and that the average employee sends hundreds, even thousands, of emails every month, the value of a great email signature is obvious. It’s positive, professional and memorable. It should be creative, communicative and even clickable.

Signature check list

  • It’s all about Finnair brand
  • It’s mobile friendly
  • It’s consistent
  • It’s simple
  • It includes a clear call-to-action
  • It has a clear information hierarchy

Email signature

Full version

Kind regards,

Anu Rintala
Head of Brand 
Assets and Market Activation
+358 123 4567891

Join us in creating a more inspiring,
sustainable and brighter future of travel at

Short version

Kind regards,


Anu Rintala
+358 123 4567891

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