Crew uniforms

In our Finnair crew uniforms, tradition truly meets the modern. Designed by the Finnish artist Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen, nanotechnology and natural fabrics combine to create a light, durable material, cut to a comfortable and smart silhouette. Discover her design process here.

Timeless, that’s what we are

Our uniform represents Finnair’s identity and plays a significant role in our customer service. Appropriate use of the uniform reflects high quality and excellence – as well as generating and promoting the value of safety.

For further details and guidelines about the uniform, please get in touch with your Finnair contact person in the customer experience unit.

A word from the designer

A talk with designer Ritva-Liisa Pohjalainen

Designing the new uniforms has been a long process. How did you get started?

The most important thing was to be part of a great team. By interviewing the experts I was able to get an idea of what a good uniform collection is really all about. I remember thinking how important it is to look at things from the perspectives of ergonomics and security. So the first thing I did was to find out what materials the leading airlines are using today and what the prospects for the future are. Soon I found a wool blend making use of nanotechnology that has been developed especially for flight safety and for the serviceability of the material. When I had done this background research, I was ready to start the actual design work.

Is it because of the nanotechnology that the uniforms are so light and comfortable?

The material in the uniforms is a blend of wool, polyester and lycra. With this top French technology, we were able to retain the excellent advantages of the natural materials and also improve their usability. Inside the fabric there’s a membrane consisting of tiny particles. This makes the uniforms exceptionally soft and flexible. The nanotechnology membrane is long-lasting – it becomes activated with warmth, after being washed and then ironed.

What about the shapes and colours of the uniforms? What inspired them?

The way I see it, Finnair has always been blue-white and Finnish. So I wanted to combine tradition with a futuristic look. In the uniforms you can see how the curves of the F emblem influenced the main lines of the uniforms. I am especially pleased with the colours. Dark blue is sure and safe in a uniform. I also wanted contrast, so I used a delicate white, with special treatment to repel dirt. In general I have tried to maintain my vision through the line and create a collection that will provide a suitable fit for any body type.

You are known as a designer who really gets involved in your work.

I encountered a positive attitude, a lot of hard work, and a belief in innovation, and this was very inspiring. It’s great to be involved in a boldly implemented brand renewal, which has helped my own work develop along consistent lines. It’s important to remember that little things can make you stand out, and that behind every detail the company’s larger philosophy can be found. I hope that people who wear these uniforms will be proud of what they’re wearing and of what they’re doing at Finnair, wherever they go, anywhere in the world.