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Say hello to the dynamic Finnair brand – the embodiment of a Modern Nordic Airline. It’s human and delightfully optimistic. It’s sustainable and forward-thinking, yet with a timeless quality to it. Above all, it’s functional – always about making things stunningly simple. We have built on our iconic Nordic design heritage to create a refreshed and digitally driven brand. We’re thrilled to welcome you onboard this journey.

Our guide to the Finnair brand

Our brand book is a comprehensive set of standards that define Finnair’s brand experience as a whole. It contains the full guidelines for a nine-element branding system that will create consistent brand communication across all touch points.

What to expect from this site

We’ve created a site full of inspiring examples and useful tools to help you communicate the Finnair brand experience coherently. These examples include the look, feel, sound, and other features. Please read them carefully and note that elements of the brand book may evolve over time.

Our story

We are the agile Nordic airline with a 100 year heritage. Ideally positioned in the North, we bridge the world with our smooth travel experiences. At Finnair, we believe there's a deep human need to experience and explore the world. Our job is to make it happen more sustainably. That's why we pioneer sustainable growth in our industry and are fully committed to a carbon-neutral future. We do our very best so you can enjoy the wonders of travel with peace of mind.

Brand drivers that guide us

Brand drivers are the force behind all our work. They are a list of attributes that capture our passion, expertise and Nordic character. Keep these front and centre of your mind when designing, to maintain an inspiring, modern look and feel across every platform and ensure the highest quality in all forms of communication.

Designed for humans

We exist to offer people better experiences. We know what our customers want before they do. We are friendly and easy to interact with. We are trustworthy and deliver on our promises. We evoke positive emotions.

Timeless Nordic quality

We build on our timeless Nordic design heritage and exist beyond trends. We keep fresh by evolving constantly and are always genuine and relevant. Everything we do reflects the high quality of our operations and service.

It just works

We are a genuine example of reliable Nordic functionality. We strive for a feeling of ease and effortless flow in everything we do. We create smooth experiences by minimising friction. Concentrate on the essential and reduce the unnecessary. We are stunningly simple.

Optimistic by heart

We have a positive outlook on life. We understand that life can be stressful and concentrate on finding a solution for every problem. We are curious towards life and always strive to inspire delightful experiences around the world.

Design system

To help you communicate our refreshed Finnair brand identity, we’ve developed a 9-element design system. This simple system creates a clear thread through every aspect of design work, adapting to both digital and physical touchpoints.

9-System elements


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