Third-party ancillary sites

When creating third-party ancillary sites based on co-operational agreements with Finnair, there are two levels of guidelines that must be followed carefully with all content and visual elements:

Level 1: Consists of mandatory elements that must be included at all times.

Level 2: Consists of additional features that should be used whenever technical specifications allow.

Level 1: Mandatory elements 1–4

1. Follow the service provider’s general look in the page layout

2. Customise the header

Finnair logo on a white background at the top. No Finnair navigation bar. Use either the official Finnair logo or ”In partnership with Finnair” logo next to the service provider logo.

3. Customize the footer

Disclamer at the bottom of the page.

4. Use the provider’s favicon, not the Finnair logo

Level 2: Additional features 5–6

5. Include the service provider’s contact information

Contact details for the Finnair customer care are not allowed to be included.

6. Add a Finnair-related content element

For example, the element can communicate Finnair Plus features, such as earning points.

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