Logo history

The story of the Finnair logo

Finnair was founded as Aero O/Y in 1923, but changed its name to Finnair a few decades later. Ever since then, the company’s logo, with its streamlined form, has communicated the gentle motion of flight. The logo has evolved over the years to reflect the changing times and will continue to do so in the future.

The emblem that cleverly combines the letter F and a silhouette of an aircraft was introduced in 1968. The original emblem was designed by Kyösti Varis, and while it’s been redesigned during its history, it still stands for what it did back then – the smoothness of air travel. Nowadays the Finnair logo and the emblem function as separate elements. While the logo is a timeless and recognisable symbol of the brand, the emblem is a branding element that follows travellers in different touchpoints throughout their journey.

For decades, the colours of the Finnair logo have been inspired by the purity of Nordic nature. The recognisable blue colour of Finnair has seen different shades over the years, ranging from the lighter blue of the morning sky to a majestic, darker shade reminiscent of the sea. The current fresh, but dark, navy blue brings out the much-valued level of quality that Finnair represents.

The softened, stylish typeface of the logo introduced in 2010 communicates technical expertise, but also the compassionate, caring values of modern times. It also represents the key factors behind Finnair’s success: quality, freshness and creativity. The creative work behind the current logo was guided by the design heritage of Finnair – one of the oldest operating airlines in the world.

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