Finnair logo

The official Finnair logo is the text version of the logo, and it is primarily used. The F emblem is used as an additional symbol.

Correct use

The official version of the logo is blue. See Colours for specifications.

Always use master artwork to reproduce the logo; do not make your own variations. Do not type, colour or shape the logo yourself. When placing the logo on top of an image, make sure that the logo is visible and legible.

You can choose from various versions:

For silk screen printing: PMS Coated or PMS Uncoated
For other printing: CMYK coated, CMYK Uncoated or CMYK Newspaper
For digital applications: RGB

Download logo formats from Finnair Gallery

Minimum size

The minimum size is 20 mm or 64 pixels. It is defined to ensure the visibility of the logo.

Safety area

The safety area around the Finnair logo is equal to the height of the logo. Do not place any elements within the safety area.

Alternative colour versions

Use the blue logo whenever possible. In applications where the blue logo would not be clearly visible, use the alternative colour versions to maximise the visibility.

Prohibited use of the logo

The original logo must not be modified in any way. Do not add any elements to it, such as colours or photographs.

Alternative colour options cannot be mixed with other versions. Do not add outlines to logos. When using the logo on coloured backgrounds, use the reversed (white) version.

The logo cannot be used on coloured backgrounds, nor on an image. Use the reversed logo version if using an image as background.

Finnair and oneworld logo

Here are the basic principles to be followed when using the oneworld logo. For more information, please see the oneworld guidelines at the Finnair Gallery.

There are three options when placing the oneworld logo relative to the airline logo: Lock-to-line, lock-to-line vertical and lock-to-frame (in descending order of preference).

1. Lock-to-line

This is the preferred method and should be used whenever possible.

2. Lock-to-line vertical

If it is not possible to use the option 1, for example in extreme vertical formats, it may be necessary to lock to a vertical line.

3. Lock-to-frame

The lock-to-frame position may be necessary when it is not possible to use the option 1, as well as in certain signage applications. In this scenario, size the oneworld logo relative to the airline logo and position it in the lower right corner (as shown). In co-located signs, remember to ensure the consistent size and position of the oneworld logo.

The communications relationship

The communications relationship should be used in advertising, collateral, travel documents and online. The oneworld logo may sit left or right of the airline logo, depending on the layout. In communications, the oneworld logo is 167% of the height of the Finnair logo.

The signage relationship

The signage relationship should be used in kerbside signs, ticket sales, totems, monitors, queue signs, FIDS, lounges, connection signs and baggage services as well as at the check-in desk, self-service check-in kiosk, transfer desk and customer service desk. In signage, the oneworld logo is 143% of the height of the Finnair logo.

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