Imagery is the most powerful tool we have to tell our story. For Finnair, images are about achieving a look that our brand can own and being relevant to our audience. Finnair’s imagery is honest, crisp, fresh and inspired by Northern Lights.

When selecting images, look for genuine moments from a customer’s journey, candid depictions of the professionalism and excellence of our staff and brief glimpses of the beauty of the Nordics.

Brand and feel images

Our way of thinking and seeing the world is all about details. They make travelling with us a little more meaningful and personally relevant. We are inspirational in the Nordic way. We build meaning and relevance with our calm and uncompromising attention to details, and the culture of delivering unique Nordic experiences.

Destination images

We portray destinations by using light, crisp images and a distinct Nordic way of looking at the world. Instead of taking the most obvious shot, we highlight an unexpected detail in a way that makes the image fresh and delightful. Much of travelling is about fulfilling dreams and our imagery should therefore encourage and inspire dreaming. The use of negative space invokes tranquility and works well with our fragmented design architecture.

Aircraft and people in images

We are proud of our people and our fleet. Our attentive personnel are the ones who make us who we are. They create the special Finnair moments in their daily interaction with our customers. Imagery with people should be about these casual, yet meaningful connections. When we share information about technical features, design elements or new additions, we show our aircraft beneath the Nordic sky in distinctive locations or highlight a unique detail.

If our aim is to create an emotional response in the viewer, we use images that convey the feeling of Finnair: the attentive care, the excellence, the quality and the professionalism that Finnair is known for.

Using and choosing imagery

Implementing fine photography or illustrations with taste guarantees the preferred image of Finnair as a unique airline that has a long heritage with northern roots and a clear course to the future. When well-chosen or used at their best, images tell the story of a holistic and consistent brand.

When choosing imagery or illustrations, make sure that the usage

  • is in line with Finnair’s quality, freshness and creativity
  • positively supports the Finnair brand
  • clearly communicates the desired message
  • is appealing and serves the target group
  • makes a difference

In the Finnair Gallery, you’ll see images about

  • destinations, mainly for tactical use
  • people, passengers, services and products for general content and storytelling
  • conceptual brand images for marketing and advertising
  • illustrations, graphics and pictograms for supporting use

Download images from Finnair Gallery

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